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When to go for Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation
breast augmentation

Healthy life, who in this world would not want, every living soul wants to live a healthy and happy life. We are too much busy in our lives that coughing, back bone pain (sciatica) , heart disease and even cancer is now a day’s is a normal disease. Cancer is that type of disease which can occur in different parts of any living body. Human beings as well as animals are also infected by different types of cancer.

We saw more movies today due to technological advancements than our fore-fathers use to watch. Actors have so much impact in our lives that not only we want to dress-up like our favorite actors/actresses but we also want to have a physique like them too. Men want to have a V-shape body on the other hand women want to have a ZERO-size figure. We all want to look attractive and beautiful. To have our looks like those movie stars we also work-out some exercises. Children when reach puberty dress like movie stars. Life does not come with the happiness package for all. People have some diseases that cause their physical appearance to change. Some have not the typical physique to go for the dresses they like. Especially women physique, when they reach puberty there friend and even family member are concerned about their healthy look. The most common disease found in women is cancer; breast cancer is the most common in women and according to research out of every 100 women 50 to 55 % are affected by breast cancer in their different age limit. So its normal to have a breast cancer, but after its treatment women’s body in some cases is not in the proper form. They cancer some times affects the chest area too much that the infected person feels like they are not even a women any more.

Treatments for the physical appearance of the different parts of the body are being done and especially in women cases for breast. Breasts are de-shaped after pregnancy and also even after weight reduction programs. Most commonly plastic surgery is used cover up different problems. Breast augmentation is also called augmentation mammoplasty. Breast augmentation is not for life time, after the surgery one should have appointments with her surgeon in future after specified period of time for discussion about the changes occurring in the breasts. During the surgery medical devices are placed in the body for reconstruction or enhancement of breasts which is called breast implants. There are three types of breasts implants, saline breast implants and silicone breast implants and composite (alternative composition). An elastomer silicone shell which is filled with saline solution for the saline implant. For silicone implant the same ealstomer silicone is filled with viscous silicone gel. The third implant which is alternative composition implant different fillers are used in the elastomer silicone.

Over time after the surgery the breasts can change due to aging, weight fluctuation or due to hormonal changes occurring in the body. The implants are not for life time but the results from breasts implants are positive. Costs for breasts implants are different some health insurance policies exclude the expenditure on breast implants if the policy owner had undergone through an implant surgery. Therefore if you are looking forward for breasts implant surgery than must go thoroughly in the health insurance polices since the costs involved in the surgery are more than health insurance given by some health insurance companies.

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