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Effects and Risks of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is on a rise all over the world. This is an unfortunate development considering the many risks involved with teenage pregnancy.

The risks are many given the age of the mother as her body is not yet fully prepared to carry a baby full term. The baby of a teenage mother also faces health dangers.

When a teenager becomes pregnant she faces many challenges. She will find it difficult to continue education because of lack of funds to support childcare. She will also need to find ways to financially support herself through high school and college.

Many teenage moms hide their pregnancy until they can. As a result they deny themselves of pre natal care till advanced stages of pregnancy. Most teens can also hardly afford to pay for pre natal care. Lack of proper care during early pregnancy can result in complications during birth.

Teenage moms usually lead an unhealthy lifestyle, including smoking, drinking and doing drugs. Babies born to these mothers often have low birth weight. They may also suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome and other birth defects associated with drugs and smoking. Some may also give birth to premature babies who may not have yet developed fully functional lungs.

This can cause breathing problems in the new born. It can prove to be fatal for the baby.

Many young girls suffer from anemia. And when they become pregnant they put two lives at risk. Anemia results in low count of red blood cells. Lack of RBCs causes fatigue. Many teenagers develop anemia during pregnancy. This is mainly due to lack of proper nutrition. A teenage mom needs to take good care of her diet by eating plenty of proteins. She should also include iron-rich food and iron supplements in her diet.

A major complication of teen pregnancy is preeclampsia. This condition is induced by pregnancy hormones and results in high blood pressure or hypertension. The problem is also common among women who conceive late in life. The only solution to the problem is early delivery of the baby.

Signs of preeclampsia include severe swelling of hands and feet, unexplained and sudden weight gain and lowered urination. The condition normally strikes during the third and last trimester of pregnancy. But this is not a rule. Preeclampsia can happen anytime during pregnancy.

Placenta previa is another condition that is seen in teen pregnancies at the time of delivery. In placenta previa the opening of the cervix is blocked by the placenta growing on it. This makes vaginal delivery difficult as the baby cannot pass through the cervix. Heavy bleeding occurs during labor and the only solution is to perform a C-section.

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