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How to get Rid of Cellulite

cellulite symptoms
cellulite symptoms

Cellulite the word is referred to a medical term that means body fat going out of shape. Cellulite is basically collection of body toxins and surplus fat deposited underneath the skin surface forming abnormal shaping of the hip, thighs and the buttocks with unevenness. Metabolic wastes are being set down along with the excess fat mainly Trans fat and hydrogenated oils.

Cellulite causes

The connective tissues are the ones that are responsible in shaping up the fat substances accumulating into place forming abnormal appearance due to lack of circulation. These connective tissues are made up of fibers that form the connective bond linking the skin and the muscles. These tissues form chamber like areas gripping Scarpus Fascia which is the body fat that is positioned down underneath the skin. Once the circulation of blood and lymph fails in the connective tissues they show up weakness causing a bulge in the Scarpus Fascia with an uneven emergence of the skin. Failure in the circulation causes damage to the free radicals in the tissues underneath, triggering uneven swelling of thick fiber in wrong place with lumpy irregular outward show.

Cellulite Diagnosis

Cellulite’s are foreseeable course of advancement of irregular shaping of fat below the skin that starting with a few wrecked veins or scar appearance in small area of the skin with swells. This condition left unchecked and treated on time they may lead to several serious problems such as developing ‘mattress skin’ stage where the skin sense chill to touch with the weakening skin tissues into the clotted blood flow with mixed feel of hot and chill effect. Lack of circulation results in fiber and fat accumulation and fluid retention like of honey comb, swollen lumpy tissue referred to as the steatomes.

Treating Cellulite at right time!

Clinical trails have proven to work well to reduce the cellulite problems that tighten muscles and provide support the natural subcutaneous fat layer. Focusing on the leg exercises that work on the legs, hip and the buttocks can help to reduce the condition of cellulite. Lunges, scissor kicks, leg lifts, walking, jogging and cycling are the recommended exercises that help in quick reaction over fat reduction and reshaping of the body.

Some of the products that are quick and effective in finding a solution to cellulite are Procellix Cellulite cream, Verseo cellulite massager, Verseo body wrap and perfect balanced high protein diet accompanied with exercising treatment. Repair of the damaged tissues and circulation regulation is done effectively through Vitamoor. Aerobic activity works well on the cellulite reduction processes. General activity of weight reduction focused more on the leg exercising reduces excess fat deposits. Increasing body flexibility with the helps of regular practice of yoga brings in more circulation of blood to all the parts of the body burning that excess fat and calories that are the root cause for excess fat deposits. Liposuction is also one of the surgical methods that help in quick recovery.

Some of the anti-oxidants that are more focused in the cellulite treatment are peppermint tea, green tea, grape seed bioflavonoids, cinnamon root extracts, cloves, onion, ginger, garlic, juniper berries, black pepper extracts and many more. Massaging the trouble spots, stretching exercises, following protein diet plan to reduce fat accumulation, keeping body hydrated helps to avoid off cellulite activity and keeps them under control.

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