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Breast Enlargement Options

Woman measuring breastMany women struggle greatly with the idea of considering breast enlargement. There are simply a number of very difficult factors to think about with regard to such a decision: will it look natural? Will people disapprove? Will there be negative side effects? Will it be painful? What if my breasts don’t look the way that I want them to after surgery? All of these are completely legitimate questions that just about every woman considering breast surgery will ask herself at some point or another. This is why there are helpful websites such as AboutPlasticSurgery, which can lead you to better understand some of the different options you have with regard to your breast enlargement surgery.

One of the most important things to realize is that surgeons now have more advanced ways of, for lack of a better word, “previewing” the effects of breast surgery on patients. In the past, you simply had to choose which type of implant you wanted, and pick a size that you were aiming for, and, basically, hope for the best. Now, there are programs that allow patients to see, to the closest degree possible, what they will look like following their surgery. The option to view this sort of “preview” of the effects of your surgery can allow you a much more precise preparation process.

It is also important to know your full range of options with regard to what sort of incision you want your surgeon to make. Generally, there are four incisions that are most common with regard to breast enlargement surgery. Each has its own persk, depending on what is most important to the patient.

The first is made at the armpit, and is a common option for women who simply do not want direct surgery on their breasts. With an armpit incision, the scar, while very visible in its location, is a bit less apparent in some situations. Another common incision is made on the areola, which means that though the contact is more direct, the scar can be somewhat hidden, as its coloring will blend in to some extent. The other incision that directly involves the breast is made just on the underside of the breasts, and is generally uncommon for women who wish to hide their scars. Finally, strangely enough, incisions can also be made at the belly button, with the implants being surgically pushed up to your breasts from lower in the body. This is perhaps the most effective incision for hiding scars.

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