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Allergy and Acne

acne and allergyAcne is a common and frequent dilemma that a majority of people suffer from. The primary cause identified to be the reason for acne formation is the hormonal shifts in the body. The androgen hormone induces the sebaceous glands to secrete excess oil and this in turn blocks the skin pores. Bacteria develop and spread in the clogged pores and eventually cause acne breakouts. There are various types of treatments available for acne treatment these vary based on its type and severity of acne. Home based remedies and herbal remedies have deemed to be quite helpful to abate if not cure the skin condition.

On the other hand remedies seem to be less helpful in certain cases such as allergies. Sometimes individuals have a drastic reaction towards a particular chemical or food item. The extent and severity varies from person to person. If acne is taken as an allergy it is primarily a symptom related to food allergy. Food allergies in particular have shown to lead to eventual acne breakouts. As mentioned above allergies vary in term of their side effects, the allergy generally causes inflammation that can in turn lead to various acne conditions. According to research food allergy is usually passed on genetically in the form of food sensitivities. Some common symptoms of the allergies include hive, difficulty in breathing, acne breakouts and anaphylaxis which is termed as a more severe case of breathing problem that can be very harsh and severe in certain cases.

When looked in detail on how allergic reaction works; as food that a person is allergic to is digested the body tries to get rid of the toxins, which are at times cleared out of the body through the skin pores. When this is done in excess it often clogs the pores leading to acne breakouts. Some food items are more likely to cause allergies as compared to others such as milk or peanuts however food sensitivities vary with each individual. It is advisable to avoid consumption food items that indicate symptoms of acne development. This will not cure the condition but abate the symptom to a great extent.

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