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Choose a Hairstyle to complement your Glasses

hairstyle glassesFor those who wear glasses, finding the right hairstyle to go with your glasses can be a real pain. You find yourself disrupting your hairstyle whenever you put on, or remove your glasses, some days you may also find that whatever you do with your hair, it just does not go with your glasses. But do not worry, help is at hand.

My first tip is to take your glasses with you when you are at the hairdressers. If you do not wear them all the time you can forget, and your hairdresser will need to see your glasses to make your hair compliment them. Your glasses should complement your hairstyle too and should be linked to the strongest element of your style.

If you have designer glasses and wish to show off your frames then short hairstyles are the best as they enable the focus to be on the eyes. The same goes for hairstyles that are pulled of the face. You can also opt for blow-drying your hair to one side; this will add volume to your face and emphasize the glasses.

If you have wide framed glasses, however, avoid hairstyles with lots of volume on the sides. You are best to go for styles that have height on top, or long hair with little volume. You can also try short hairstyles that have strong vertical lines.

If your frames are large, as is the fashion at the moment, you are best going for styles with plenty of volume, especially at the sides. Basically any style that is proportioned well. Avoid short pixie styles and anything that is lacking in volume, it will only make you look all glasses and nothing else.

If small frames are your preference then you need to avoid styles that may box in your facial features. A short crop that accentuates your features is ideal, or long blunt curls.

So let your hair and glasses or even fashion contact lenses coincide . You will then be blessed with an overall complementary look.

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