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Best Hair Style with Curling Iron

Curling Hair Iron Hair Style

If you want to look sexy yet alluring and simply irresistible try these simple steps by using curling iron and get a sexy hair wings and tousled waves.

  • [singlepic id=26 w=320 h=240 float=right]If your hair?s on the fine side, wash it with a sudsier that?ll give your strands a swing. If you have normal to thick hair, take a barreled round brush and pull your hair as straight as you can while you dry. If you got some natural curl, using a cream first helps.
  • Once your hair is totally dry and as straight as it?s going to get, create a side part and pull the back section of your hair starting just behind your ears into low ponytail. Secure with elastic. Leave two loose sections of hair beside your face each will be a just few inches wide and spritz both with a heat-shielding spray. Then gently comb the spray through your hair, root to end.
  • Take your curling iron, hold it vertically next to your face, and wrap a two inch- wide section around the iron-away from your face. Note: Because you want big curls, get your hands on an iron with at least a one-inch-wide barrel. Hold the curl for ten seconds, and then release a ringlet. Repeat this process, moving from the top layers of your hair to those underneath but leave the back alone.
  • Once the front half of your head is covered that was holding your ponytail in place and shake that hair loose. Take the big-barreled brush you used to blow-dry your hair and pull through the spirals in front brush down the first, then flip up at the ends to create soft feathers on either side of your face. Dousing with hair spray will help the wings hold-tucking one side behind your ear will get you the look at left.

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