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Tips for Dying your Hair

dying-hair-tipsColoring your hair at home can be messy and annoying or it can be easy and clean. It’s up to you. With these tips I’ll help you make it a little easier and avoid disaster.

Prepare for cleanup from the start. I suggest wearing junk clothes that you really don’t care about. If you want to go the full nine yards you should get a set of nursing scrubs. They are cheap, easy to move in and you won’t care when they get covered in dye and turn an entirely new color. Cheap nursing scrubs are seriously the best option for a lot of beauty regiments. You’ll want to have a junk towel handy that you can either toss or hand wash later so it doesn’t dye the rest of the clothes in the washing machine. Put Vaseline on your hairline so that it doesn’t dye your skin and is easier to clean up. It’s an old trick but it works. Especially if it’s your first time working with a new dye, it’s a good precaution for runny dyes.
Don’t go overboard. Some of us can pull of the punk look with bright blue or pink hair but the rest of us don’t want people to know that we color our hair. Start with a non-permanent color and see how it treats you. Try out a bunch of different brands and types with good ratings that are close to your natural hair color until you find the right one and then upgrade to permanent.

Start with a small change. You don’t want to suddenly show up to a party with raven hair when you had salt and pepper the day before. You should slowly tint your hair over the course of a few months so that the change is gradual Even if you end up with that raven hair in the end, people won’t be so taken aback by it if the change is gradual. Some people may not even notice.

These are just a couple of tips to help you out. It’s easy to ruin a day by splashing dye on your favorite old band shirt and still coming out of it with a hair color you hate. Get some nursing scrubs and think the process through to avoid this outcome. Best of luck!

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