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How To Apply Hair Serum

With today’s rushed lifestyle, pollution, above the usual hairstyling, bad eating habits, exposure to sun for for a while now periods and lack of hair service our hair are apt to squander this shine. Bringing coming back the lost shine is not a one-day affair. For regain the lost luster one has to always eat nutritious food and fruits and indulge in average exercising.

What Is A Hair Serum

Hair serum affects the hair shiner and performs not let them to entangle. It guards the hair based on data from the damages carried out by in exposure to sun and hair styling products. The influence of the serum tool will be till the consequently wash. It serves to be applied ensuing a hair wash.

How to Apply Hair Serum

Applying hair serum is rather easy.

  • First wash your hair regularly in a shampoo later wash them in cold water so such a open pores close.
  • Then take 4 -5 drops of the hair serum on the palm of the hand and ask them on the hair and let the hair dry normally.
  • After applying the serum there is no seek to wash the hair surrounded by water once again as the serum performs not own any bad chemicals. Serum is truly silicon oil so is non-sticky in nature. And as of its non-sticky nature it defends the hair from what i read in dust, pollution and sun.

How Does Hair serum work

The hair serum forms a thin protective layer on the hair strands. It takings the moisture lost due to exposure to sun, heat generated according to the hair styling gadgets. It is depleted to set broken and frizzy hair.

It is out there in the construct of sprays in the market. It is for the most part depleted for dry and frizzy hair, that breaks easily, or hairs the present hold underneath gone above the usual chemical treatments as perming, coloring.

The hair serum supplies nourishment to the hair, that causes them strong, and properties don ‘t break away easily. It moreover situations the hair, that affects them healthy, gentle and shiny.

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