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How To Retain Lip Color

Retain lip color

The tweak in the color of your lip can be due to a lot of components covet your habits, water in take, person functions, atmospheric form etc. Smoking, consuming alcohol, consuming a good deal more caffeinated drinks etc may turn your lip color in to dark. All that may alter the oral mucosa that in turn harm the lip color. Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine etc may hurt the generation of saliva and leads your mouth and lips dry and dark. Even ultra violet radiations are additionally responsible for producing pigmentation on the lips. Here are one or two remedies which may permit you to retain the lip color.

Tips to Retain the Lip Color

Lemon Juice Mixture

Make a mixture of lemon juice, almond oil, milk and sugar and blend them well. Use right now mixture to scrub your lips for throughout fifteen minutes. Lemon juice making a inherent bleaching realtor may lighten the dark color of your lips.

At the same minute almond oil and milk ought to remove the dead tissues for the upper layer of your lips and nourish your lips. Sugar plays a sizeable role in scrubbing and so removing the dead cells additonally nourishing the lips. After scrubbing moisturize your lip surrounded by selected lip balm. This may make it easier for you to retain your expected lip color.

Massage Your Lips

You can use glycerin to massage your lips daily and presently am able to supply you a soft, suave and sunbeams colored lip. Instead of glycerin you can as well use almond oil or unsalted butter. Vegetable and fruit juices too obtain a pertinent change in lip color is depleted for massaging your lips. Juices of beetroot, pomegranate, coriander etc can moreover be used up for massaging. Regular massaging is planning to rise the blood circulation to your lips and so leads it lighter.

Water for lip color

Drink at minimum ten glasses of water per day and such am able to advantages you to wash out the toxic equipment up to date in your person and may as well develop your blood circulation. This serves to aide you to moisturize your lips and retain its inherent color.


Use lipsticks too contain sunscreen and the present plans to cover your lips on the ultra violet radiations and of its pigmentation effects.

Clarified Butter

Apply a tiny amount of plethora of clarified butter on your lips on most every night. This would moisturize your skin and am able to build it smooth.

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